Posted by: stjohn2011 | January 5, 2012

Day 3: The Journey Begins Tomorrow in the DARK

In preparation for our departure to St. John, we have been studying fish and learning some of the various environmental concerns on the island (such as: water scarcity, energy, introduced species, and global warming effects on coral). We also discussed the extremely long 431 page (but felt like even longer) winter break read, Night of the Silent Drums, and the importance of slave history on St. John.

Partner work began today on our Tour Guide positions while on the island. Each group needed to review their tour day and become familiar with the material in order to teach and inform the rest of the group.

Leading up to our early morning adventure on the plane, the stress of packing has set in! What to take, how much to take, and all the unnecessary items we will all undoubtedly pack, which will never be used are some of our worries. Anticipation builds! We are all extremely excited to begin this adventure, even though 5:15 in the morning is quite early. As Renee says, if you’re not cheerful just don’t talk! 🙂

-Sarah Knox & Becca Logan



  1. Nice job!

  2. So, how does global warming (aka climate change) affect the coral reef? Make sure to also work on that deep, dark savage tan while you are down there!

  3. Happy travels everyone. I’ll be watching your progress on flightaware.

  4. Keep the blogs coming! Can’t wait to see your pics. Stay safe 🙂

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