Posted by: stjohn2011 | January 15, 2012

Day 11 – Life is Good

The morning started early for some of us (Caitlin, Sarah, Jessie, Sprenkles, Shiloh, Morgan, Renee and Caleb) as we shifted from sleep to awake in the dark.  Our sojourn to Salt Pond at 4:15 was graced with the silvery light of a half moon.  We arrived at the parking lot with two volunteers (Sandy and Neal) to head out for our 2nd night hike to Ram’s Head to watch the sunrise.  Up and down over wobbly stones and around cacti our path wove through the dry landscape with only the sounds of crashing waves and wind in the thistles filling the air.  Perched like meercat sentinels we watched the eastern horizon for that first hint of light.  The Southern Cross hung in the sky reminding us of our proximity to the equator.  A few shooting stars gathered our wishes and then first light came – that daily miracle we were waiting for and it was worth the wait.  Rain clouds over the British Virgin Islands picked up the sun’s first rays tinged first with pink then radiating pinks and yellows so vibrant we were left without words to describe the event.


We pulled ourselves away from Rams Head to begin  our journey back.  Of course a rainbow was perched above Blue Cobblestone to bring us back.  And under the arch of the rainbow Sarah found a golden warbler – the bird Morgan has been looking for all week.  There is indeed gold under the rainbow!


And as an added treat 4 donkeys greeted us as we walked past Salt Pond to Drunk Bay.  Caitlin, Jessie and Kristi made particularly good friends with this bachelor herd!

What a great morning we have had.  The VIERS staff were kind enough to save breakfast for us – so we munched on french toast, sipped our juice and reflected on an impossibly beautiful morning.  We head to Cinnamon Bay for a trail, ruins and a snorkel.  A cold shower will get us ready for our night out in Cruz Bay with reggae music.  I doubt we blog later tonight – perhaps we won’t catch back up until we are back in Roanoke.  Everyone is sad about leaving!  What a FANTASTIC GROUP of Hollins women we have traveled with!  I would take them anywhere!




  1. Ah, very nice, it sounds wonderful. As a parent I have truly enjoyed the blog and pictures. Have a safe return.

  2. Beautifully written, it sounds like a perfect beginning to the last day of your trip! I have also really enjoyed all of the updates and photos. I hope that the rest of the day is perfect and that you have a good trip home. Oh, and tell Kristin that it snowed last night here in Oregon!

  3. What a lovely and creatively written description of this “Morning Has Broken” adventure. How wonderful for all of you!

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